You Won’t Scare Anyone With These 5 Halloween Looks

Sep 30 2019

Halloween is the day known for its iconic scary clown and bloody zombie looks. But at The Salon Professional Academy Kenosha, we’re thinking about what kind of glamorous looks we can create this Halloween instead. If you need some inspiration on October 31st, here are five Halloween looks that you definitely won’t scare anyone with.

1. Beautiful Mermaid

This is by far one of our favorite looks to create! You’re bound to make jaws drop when you walk in the room appearing like this. To recreate the look, take fishnet tights and press against your skin so it’s tight. Brush pink, blue, and purple eyeshadow on top of the fishnet to create the appearance of scales. Add a pretty pink lipstick and then sparkle it up to your heart’s desire!

Lady dressed as a mermaid

2. Perfect Unicorn

This look is definitely for you if you love shiny and pink and want to relive your childhood dreams of finding a Unicorn. To recreate the look you’ll need a white shirt and unicorn horn. If you want to go all out, make sure you buy some cute rainbow hair clips and put your hair in braids or high space buns. Don’t be afraid to use a lot of highlighter and pastel colors when applying makeup to your face. Keep the colors light and show off how much fun it was to create the perfect unicorn look!

Lady dressed as a unicorn

3. Barbie Doll

Remember playing with Barbies when you were a young child? Here’s the chance to recreate her looks! To recreate you’ll need to find a lipstick that represents Barbie’s favorite hot pink color. Contour your face to emphasize your cheekbones and use a smokey eyeshadow pallet to give your eyes a bigger appearance. To finish it off, find an outfit that Barbie would die for and even add some subtle pink to your hair!

Lady dressed as barbie

4. Living Art

Are you looking for a way to express your creativity in a unique way this Halloween? What if you were to turn yourself into a work of art? This Halloween costume is unique and will show off your taste in modern art. To recreate, you’ll need many different colors of body paint. Put your hair up in a unique way (hair paint is also always encouraged). Then go wild! Use your creative talents to show off your inner Picasso!

Lady painted with modern paint

5. Sugar Skull

Nothing says Halloween like sugar skull makeup. Plus there are so many diverse ways to create them! To recreate this gorgeous look, you’ll need a flower crown (obviously) and the palest foundation you can find. When you begin painting, make sure you start with the black around the eyes and work out from there. Contour your face and add in the black paint on the nose. Choose any colors you want and begin designing your dazzling Halloween look!

Lady dressed as day of the dead

Are You Passionate About Creating Beauty?

At The Salon Professional Academy Kenosha, we have talented students who utilize their creativity to make stunning looks like these. Try your hand at creating your own look this Halloween and contact us to see if a future in cosmetology or aesthetics could be a perfect fit for your love of beauty!

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