What Does It Take to Be a Licensed Aesthetician?

Sep 13 2019

So you’re thinking about becoming a licensed aesthetician in Wisconsin? That’s awesome! Starting a new path when you have the right resources makes deciding your future much easier.

Luckily, we have all the right information on what it takes to become a licensed aesthetician!

What Are the State Requirements to Become an Aesthetician in Wisconsin?

Each state has different laws to become licensed in aesthetics. The state of Wisconsin has two pre-credential education requirements to become licensed. The student must:

  1. Be graduated from high school or equivalency, is in a program approved by the Examining Board, or is at least 18 and meets the ability to benefit rule under 20 USC 1091 (d).
  2. Complete a course of instruction OR training in aesthetics of at least 450 hours between 11 and 30 weeks from an authorized school or licensed cosmetology manager.

Woman getting spa light treatments done on her face

At The Salon Professional Academy in Kenosha, we strive to go above and beyond the required 450 hours. Our aesthetics program is a 600-hour program to better prepare our students for future readiness in the beauty industry.

It’s important you complete your training hours through a school or program that has been licensed through the state! This policy is in place to make sure Wisconsin’s students are getting the best education possible to serve their clients. A quality education is important , but so is finding a program you love!

What Do Schools Teach Upcoming Aestheticians?

There’s a lot to learn about skin care and teaching clients about skin! The state of Wisconsin requires each program to teach certain skills so their students are best prepared to help future clients. You can expect to learn some of the following skills through theory and practical hours:

  • Health and safety of equipment and products
  • Principles and techniques of skin care treatments and chemical procedures
  • Hair removal, waxing, and light therapy
  • Makeup application and eyelashes
  • Fundamentals of business management

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Where Can I Sit for the State Board?

Once someone completes the required hours at the licensed school, it's time to sit for the state board! You have to sign up for your exam through the DL Roope Administrations Inc. to take a test that is valid in the state of Wisconsin. You’ll need to fill out an application from your school or the provided online application and then pay the examination fees required to take the test.

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What Career Opportunities Are There for Licensed Aestheticians?

There are various options for aestheticians to choose career-wise when they graduate! You can become a medical aesthetician, beauty advisor, salon aesthetician, makeup artist, beauty blogger, or even a salon manager! These options aren’t even all of the possibilities.

Woman getting a microdermabrasion done

In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that skin care specialists have a job outlook growth of 14% between 2016-2016. That’s double the nations average! The desire for women and men to reduce the effects of aging and increased interest in skincare is what can fuel the growth in this profession in the next few years.

Who Can Help Me Get Started?

As you can tell there are many benefits to considering a potential career in aesthetics! It can be a little intimidating to know where to look to get started. That’s why The Salon Professional Academy in Kenosha is here to answer any questions you might have about getting an education in aesthetics.

It’s so exciting when a person finds their passion in life. Could aesthetics be your future passion? We can help you find out if an aesthetics education could fuel your dream.

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