Student Testimonials | The Salon Professional Academy

The instructors at The Salon Professional Academy of Kenosha are great!

Teresa G.

My experience at The Salon Professional Academy of Kenosha was one where I received tons of knowledge, understanding, help, and compassion!

Alexandra L

I really enjoyed my time at The Salon Professional Academy of Kenosha. I feel I am more educated than other ‘fresh’ cosmetologists who attended other schools

Mikayla F.

I loved The Salon Professional Academy of Kenosha! Everything is so hands-on, and the instructors really want to help you!

Isabella G.

The Salon Professional Academy of Kenosha definitely taught me a lot, and I am grateful to the teachers who put in their hard work to teach me

Kate S.

The Salon Professional Academy of Kenosha has the best education and needs for preparing students for the hair, nail, and skin care world!

Kamiya C.

The salon Professional Academy of Kenosha is a great school to go to. You get a great education, and they set you up for success!

Kayla C.

While at The Salon Professional Academy, I made new friends with the girls from my class who will always be a part of my life. Thank you for making my family bigger!

Lauryn R.

I recommend TSPA of Kenosha! I had a good school year, and I got a great education! I had a great support system of instructors, and I would never want to go to another school.

Christa H.

I love that we got to not only learn everything for state boards but also the business side of the industry, which will truly help me in my career!

Megan D.

Over the past year, I’ve learned a lot from amazing instructors and from educational opportunities TSPA of Kenosha provided me. I met a lot of awesome students who became close friends. I will miss beauty school!

Kristin B.

I made lifelong friends at TSPA!

Corrie P.

The staff is so supportive and are genuinely concerned about the well-being of the students.

Lisa H.

The education was great! I learned a lot, and I feel very prepared to start working at a real salon.

Zariana D.

TSPA not only provided me with an education to begin my career, but also hands-on experience with Pureology and Redken products, as well as color lines, which I believe puts me two steps ahead of graduates from other cosmetology programs!

Jetchuwan R.

I’ve always had a passion for anything beauty related. I researched tons of schools, and I am so glad I chose to attend TSPA. The environment is amazing and on trend. The instructors truly care about us as individuals. It’s rare to find that kind of commitment to students. I enjoy my days here and will miss and appreciate my time here.

Ashley P.

I love TSPA! The Aesthetics program has been a fun journey, and I can’t wait to see all the possibilities unfold for me in the future.

Dominque C.

Overall, my experience here at TSPA was great. The administration was very understanding and supportive. I also loved my teachers. I feel that they not only prepared me for an awesome career but also provided a positive learning environment that I could call home

Mirella R.

The instructors have been very supportive and always give me the best of their knowledge.

Suyen S.

The Manicurist course was straight to the point and a quick and fun program to take if you are really interested in the manicuring and nail industry!

Kylie C.

TSPA is a wonderful school. Great staff and students. If you’re looking into being a cosmetologist, manicurist, or aesthetician, go to TSPA!

Zana Z.

Great education. So glad I chose this school. Educators are wonderful and so very helpful. I am very grateful for the staff and the experience and knowledge that I have gained.

Nicole B.

Life is a journey of experiences and life lessons. If you can dream it, think it, and speak it, it’s yours; the only thing holding you back is you. If you want to make a difference, make a decision.

Barbara S.

I loved my experience at TSPA of Kenosha. It taught me how to be professional and how to deal with life experiences. Instructors pushed us to do better. Overall, my experience at the Academy was amazing! I got to meet my amazing classmates, had the chance to gain many clients with the level system, and I was pushed to try my best. All of the knowledge I got as being a student not only made me a better stylist but also made me a better person

Mariza Z.

Great program! I feel well prepared. I am grateful for the education that I received compared to other schools. I am glad I chose this school and had a great experience.

Alexandra Z.

I really enjoyed being at TSPA; the school has changed me mentally, physically, and emotionally. I can honestly say TSPA upgraded my life. This is one of the best decisions I’ve made thus far.

Barbara S.

Coming from the south, this school has welcomed me with open arms and turned into my only friends/family while I was attending. I have learned so much from the instructors, and that knowledge will follow me forever. I am so grateful and blessed to have the chance to attend special educational classes and listen to guest speakers. I loved my school!

Gabrielle N.

TSPA has excellent, compassionate instructors and staff who truly care about your education. The hands-on experiences are more than books can offer! Great school to attend if your heart is truly in it!

Emily B.

I loved it at TSPA! The staff is awesome, and the instructors are the best! There was never anything they couldn’t help with, and I got along well with all the girls. The Academy was a great experience. They helped in everyday services and everyday situations!

Priscilla D.

We use Redken and Pureology products that will leave you looking like a movie star! TSPA takes care of all your hair, skin, and nail beauty needs, and I enjoyed making my clients happy and smiling through my work!

Lindsay P.


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